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Gas-to-Liquids (GTL)

There are numerous opportunities around the world where stranded natural gas exists which creates exciting opportunities for Emery to leverage its know-how in synthetic fuel production . Natural gas associated with increase in domestic oil production is rarely utilized or monetized. Emery has partnered with various technology providers for both the front-end processes for natural gas reforming and on the back-end for Fischer Tropsch synthesis.  We are now developing integrated, modular, stand-alone solutions for GTL applications.


Our GTL configurations can be combined to work in concert with our Gasification technologies in order to:

     1) Reduce overall carbon footprint (i.e. GTL added to a coal gasification project)

     2) Reduce acid gas (sulfur) removal costs

     3) Help to hedge against various feedstock prices over the life of the plant

Gas-to-Liquids applications create unique economic opportunities and environmental opportunities to reduce unnecessary flaring and the direct venting of natural gas (methane) to the atmosphere. Our suite of technologies can help to convert this clean, often stranded fuel, into higher value transportation fuels and chemicals.




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